About Malevolent Intent

Welcome to the new Guild Malevolent Intent, this is a raiding guild with no alts. Everyone here is committed to being on a raid team and helping other Guild members advance their craft. While it is not important for you to be an expert raider, although helpful, we are looking for dedicated individuals that want to raid on a regular basis.

When the new upgrade to World of Warcraft comes out this fall we will, as a team, be running LFR’s, Dungeons and Scenarios to help gear up and level up. So be ready for that event. More to come as we get closer to that event.

We have a few rules here and we will ask nicely that everyone follows the rules to make this a fun team event.

Rule1: No foul or inappropriate language will be tolerated.  

Rule 2: Not everyone will be at the same experience level, although that is a goal, so be patient and help the member learn to be better in a calm, non-aggressive manner.

Rule 3: When you make a raid team remember that your team mates are counting on you to be there. If for any reason, lie for example, happens and you cannot be there please let your raid team know. We will have a forum setup for that.

Basically we want to raid and have fun, so please l=eave the attitude at the door.


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